Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sexy Followers on Twitter part 1

Here are some of my incredibly sexy followers on twitter.  Unfortunately, they are all spam bots.

1. Ruth Gross

 This attractive lady added me a mere few minutes ago and has already set to work posting shit all over my feed.  She is from Virginia (possibly because it sounds like 'vagina'?) and has the website:  Nope I haven't clicked it but if anyone wants to, please let me know what is in it.
Favourite tweet: ''If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes'.  Wow, very philosophical Ruth.  Prime girlfriend material right?  I thought so too, until I saw this tweet: ''I distrust camels, and anything else that can go a week without a drink''.  I think that was meant to be witty, but I stopped reading and had a little cry after the ''I distrust camels'' part.

2. Stephany Nowlin

Apologies for the small picture, but you get the idea.  Stephany Nowlin is obviously just a picture from a Next catalogue.  However, what caught my eye wasn't her picture, it was the link that came with it:  Now, I'll give you three guesses to what is in that.  If there was any doubt that this spammer wasn't a sex crazed lunatic, they were crushed when I looked down to her tweets.
''30% of women over 80 still have sex''.  Why the fuck would I want to know that?!  Not only is that obviously complete bullshit, but I now have to deal with the idea that some people WANT to see that stuff, otherwise she wouldn't be advertising it.  Another one:  ''Penises are like fish: the little ones, you throw back; the big ones, you mount!''  Sometimes, words are not enough.

3.  Kandra Graff

Is it me or do these photos seem to be cutting off more and more of the body and zooming in more and more on the face?  No matter because if you thought the last website was good, you'll love this:   http://www.MEGA-JIZZFEST.INFO.  Yup.  Mega-Jizzfest.  There isn't much to say about that really.  I'm slightly intrigued to know what a 'mega jizzfest' is exactly but I haven't mustered up enough courage to click the link.  Let's have a look at her tweets.   ''Your self-centeredness prevents you from seeing your self in relation to how others, particularly your teachers and sempai really are''  Alright.  Don't really understand what that means to be honest.  Lets have a look at one more: '' 5 years while battling a lower-intestinal disease that nearly killed him ''.  What the fuck?!  Who is 'he'?  ''What has this got to do with ANYTHING?  Eurgh, what a fucking freak.

Anyhow, part 2 up later because I have to go and do some chemistry revision.  Yes, I'm well aware that the font kept changing throughout that.  I don't know why.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Also, after perusing my own followers, of which I don't have many spammy ones :( my favourite is this from Johan I Deuse:Learn how much house you can afford